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September 2016

Hey everyone, 

I have now upgraded the website to be mobile friendly, so hopefully you are reading this on your phone whilst soaking in the bath with a glass of wine ,if not let me know and I can make some adjustments for bubbles and have a high pitched tone ready for when any stray children threaten to invade your peace.

The studio had a little bit of redecoration over the Summer, someone suggested the wall gallery ought to be minimalist to convey a feeling of calm and grandeur , well I am  just not feeling it ! so one day at a time, I am returning the odd portrait back to it's rightful place.

Children and babies continue to be my cup of tea, and actually women, have a look at the Lipstick Gallery, which I shall be adding to shortly with my Romantic Vintage Boudoir range. Of all the people a woman should have her boudoir images taken with it is me, there is nothing I have nt seen or experienced, and knowing  how we feel about ourselves I am firmly on the woman's side, and love seeing her laugh and relax, whilst I go off on a tangent with some other idea that has popped into my head, alongwith a quick delve into the flowers and fabric case,  or a story from a day in the life of that will have her shaking her head, but I know she trusts me, and that is so very important. 

As with all enquiries I encourage people to come to the studio for a pre-shoot consultation, we get to know each other, and by knowing their  personality I will get a real feel for what the client  would love from the shoot, afterall the final image is going into their own house and needs to reflect everything about them. I am very clear that people are not coming here for regular photo's or print packages. The hours taken to create images, from the very first meeting, to planning the shoot, the day of the shoot, the editing, preparing for viewing and then helping the client choose at the order session and preparing the images for print and framing warrants the images to be shown in something more than a 7"x5", it will be a humdinger for the wall that makes the client feel something everytime they go home. Prints and gifts can follow after the event with my online  shop. 

The Winter enquiries and bookings are now taking place ( you know what I mean by Winter, avoiding the Ch word) !  it is a lovely time of year. Feel free to also come on to Facebook or Instagram to say hello. In the meantime, stay well, best wishes, Jai x


August 2015

Hey everyone,
There is usually a lull in the Summer at the studio, but not this year - my shabby chic surroundings are getting shabbier by the week ! I suppose it's a bit like doing ironing - there's time for that when the sun goes in . After last years' shananigans I decided this year to retire from doing weddings, putting my foot down with a firm hand when approached .. well I have been seriously lured out, unable to resist wonderful clients who INSIST I cover their special day , I now have a vow renewal this week (how romantic is that) and three weddings in Winter - time to fish out my vintage flask and cake tin (well you've just got married you NEED treats) - stay well and come onto Facebook sometime to say hello. Best wishes, Jai xx


APRIL 2015

Hey everyone,
Following the previous update, I can now say that both I and the studio are firing on all pistons now ! it is almost like I was never away, my only concern is figuring out what to do with the toilet brush hair each day . Children and babies continue to be my cup of tea, it seems a waiting list has accrued (no change there then) , generally look to book around 4 weeks ahead, I allow the odd newborn queue jumper - well you would would n't you.
Come over onto facebook to say hello, I tend to upload once a day - a little share keeps the spirits high whilst waiting for your gallery.
Best wishes
Jai x



Hey everyone Jai here,

Having been away for a time and neglecting my beloved website I am breaking cover (gulp)! friends from the other side (facebook) can now look away and yawn into the nearest drawer, for everyone else a warm and hearty hello and a long needed update. Many of you will know I have been unusually quiet during 2014, I have had usome surprise cancer malarkey to deal with - which was highly inconvenient (and bit unnecessary if you ask me).
On the upside I now have a trunk full of stories, some amazing personal images (?!) and suitcase full of wisdom. Many apologies for being slow to reply to your enquiries, and to those on my considerable waiting list - a huge thank-you for your understanding, patience, general loveliness and loyalty (you were given alternatives, but all except the odd rush job refused to be moved) haha . I am back now (ish) - I will be resuming shoots in February (one blink into the sunshine at a time) , for now I have a mountain of behind the scenes work to attend to, and a new book and pen ready for my random inspirations and ideas. I can't wait to get started, but for now a few more Guiness's . Best wishes everyone, Jai xx

Previous ...

Well helloooo ! photographer coming out from behind the camera - a seriously daunting proposition ! - paint splattered jeans and a look of delerium having just survived twin 2 year olds. But such is life , certainly at this rather beautiful (in a shabby kind of way) , gentle and artistic photography studio in Pontardawe, (she says modestly).

That's probably enough for you, all you need to know, but the page looks bare, so a bit more of the history and then you can sleep ..

My original interest in photography (oh dear here she goes) ..began with good old film cameras. Whilst working as a jewellery designer and needing to photograph the pieces for brochures and marketing when covering trade shows and by necessity I had to learn how to use the camera well, as point and shoot with a flash would have just bleached out all the details of the stones.
The camera(s) I use today are naturally high tech, super mega pixels, sensors and very full format, but i use them like the old film camera's, I remember the cost of processing my rolls of 36 prints and to never waste a shot, and to see everything in light and shade. I don't do photoshop (what really I hear you cry) ! no that's right (says she with a stamp of the foot)! and so if you see an image is black and white, then it was taken b&w, if there is a slight colour cast to the image (my favourite being pinks or peach), then I will have used a coloured gel over the lights or changed my white balance in the settings , - I know - how weird (quaint) ahem!

I have been a full-time photographer for 12 years, Surviving many of those as a school photographer ( I will always have a deep gratitude to my original employer who saw potential and trained me so thoroughly) , so I have certainly served my apprenticeship, with every possible crazy situation, from collapsing scenery, crying babies, electricity blackouts and queue's out of the door, to now running my own charming bespoke service based studio (where there is still hilarity, but with a great tea pot, a note book ready for ideas and doodles and many many touching special moments).

Everything is tailored to the client, from the staging for the shoot to the use of a well worn tape measure in providing the final wall piece. Do I specialise ? Well little children are my particular brand of tea, I will flush at the thought of a newborn coming to play and will most likely somersault when you book me for your wedding . The studio is quirky and unique, very welcoming and the kettle is always on.

The starting journey of coming for a shoot is with the final vision of something beautiful and unique for the wall. Every frame or linen canvas is custom made. I also love the idea of providing gorgeous images to go into the clients own frame, maybe a longstanding family frame or a wonderful find from a vintage fair. Invariably people want to share their images and so I have a gorgeous large keepsake vintage style giftbox, which can be filled with whichever favourite images the client loves. Even friends and family can choose images for the box via the online viewing gallery. I also offer a design service for giftcards and invitations (back to the notebook for more doodling).

So now you know a little bit about me, come and say hello, it is always lovely to meet someone new and to see what together we can do (does that rhyme)? probably time to go then.

I really look forward to hearing from you , until then enjoy my website.

Best wishes
Jai x







Sometimes I even let a client borrow that hat, but only if they are extra cute ! This from a shoot I did for Maggie's for an article on breast reconstruction (or not) after cancer ..